11 Daesh terrorists killed in Turkish airstrikes in al-Bab, military says

em(AA Photo)/em
(AA Photo)

Eleven Daesh terrorists were killed in a Turkish airstrike operation on the northern Aleppo town of al-Bab on Wednesday, according to a military statement. The strikes come as the joint counter-terror operation by Turkish forces with Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters has been advancing through the town, which is of strategic importance for the Daesh terrorist group.

335 Daesh targets including shelters, defensive positions, command-control centers, weapons and vehicles were hit and destroyed by Turkish troops, the military said.

Turkish jets also hit another 12 Daesh targets including three shelters, two command-control centers, one storehouse and six weapons and defense positions in the airstrike operation, the military added.

Turkish warplanes were unable to strike three Daesh terrorists targets in al-Bab on Tuesday because civilians were present at that time.

Turkish soldiers with FSA fighters have been carefully carrying out the Operation Euphrates Shield since late August, avoiding hurting any civilians while incisively hitting terrorist targets.

Turkey has been fighting on the ground against terror groups in the Middle East, such as the outlawed PKK, its Syrian offshoot PYD/YPG and Daesh, and the Turkish government and military officials have repeated that Turkey has been left alone by the international community in its struggle against terror, while it supports the coalition forces against Daesh in the region.

Turkey, which listed Deash as a terror organization in 2013 - one of the first countries declaring the group as a terror organization - has been an open target of Daesh attacks since then. The terror group is responsible for killing hundreds of Turkish civilians and security forces.

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