Former militants expose PKK torture, execution of members

Published 16.02.2017 00:00

Former PKK militants who escaped the brutality within the terrorist group have revealed the torture, beatings and executions within the terrorist organization in recent years.

According to an article in the Sabah newspaper, an intelligence report compiled from the confessions of 364 former PKK terrorists revealed the details of the daunting executions and torture practices within the terrorist group. An informant named Reber Agit recalled one of the executions he witnessed, saying: "They made [the militants] step on melted nylon with their bare feet. Their screaming echoed around the mountains," he said.

Agit contended that if digging were done under the Qandil Mountains, hundreds of Kurdish youngsters would be found dead underground.

Another informant, Botan Şervan, said Harun Koçer and Yusuf Birsen were killed in 2014 after refusing to obey the orders of PKK leaders.

Also, Metin İğne and Murat İrkimen were executed after refusing to dig ditches upon the order of high-ranking terrorists. Informants claim that the PKK tells the families of the executed militants fabricated stories that they died in clashes with Turkish security forces.

Another intelligence report based on the claims of informants shows that women were treated as sex slaves by the group that has killed thousands in Turkey since the 1980s. Cases of rape and sexual abuse as well as threats to keep women quiet over those cases are widespread within the group, the report shows.

Over the past 10 years, 571 female PKK members surrendered to security forces, while 8,661 were arrested in counterterror operations. The intelligence reports, compiled from the testimonies collected from female PKK militants who surrendered, have brought the treatment of female militants to light.Young girls, often abducted from their families or brainwashed into joining the terrorist group, are subject to violence and exploitation ranging from being used as sex slaves to being subject to rape and torture.

Witnesses indicate that female militants who resist exploitation are often labeled as being Turkish state agents and end up being executed, while also noting that suicide is common among female militants subject to molestation.

Meanwhile, the Turkish military hit four PKK targets with airstrikes in southern Turkey's Amanos Mountains late Tuesday, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement. PKK terrorists had attacked Turkish troops in the same area one day earlier.

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