3 soldiers killed, 5 others injured by PKK bomb in southeastern Turkey

Published 04.04.2017 00:00
Updated 04.04.2017 13:48
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DHA Photo

Three Turkish soldiers were killed and five others were injured during anti-terror operations in Küpeli Mountain, also known as Gabar Mountain, in Turkey's southeastern Şırnak province, the Şırnak Governorate said Tuesday.

The soldiers were carrying out search operations against the PKK terrorist group in the region of Küpeli Mountain, when an improvised explosive, which had been previously planted by PKK terrorists, was detonated.

The injured soldiers were immediately dispatched via helicopter to Şırnak State Hospital for medical treatment.

Media sources stated that anti-terror operations in the region were continuing.

Meanwhile, a total of five PKK terrorists were killed during ongoing operations, a written statement of the Turkish Armed Forces said Tuesday.

The Turkish army launched an airstrike in Northern Iraq after receiving intelligence, targeting two shelters and two weapon pits. Four PKK terrorists were killed during this airstrike, while another was killed in clashes.

Founded in 1978, the PKK has waged a decades long bloody campaign against Turkey.

The PKK - listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S., and the EU - resumed its armed campaign in July 2015 after a brief reconciliation period.

Since then, the PKK has been responsible for the deaths of some 1,200 security personnel and civilians, including women and children, while more than 4,000 security personnel and over 2,000 civilians have been injured.

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