Vehicles of some municipalities used for PKK activities

Published 06.04.2017 23:37

A recent report that was recently released by the Ministry of Interior titled, "The Municipality Assignments Originated from Terror," detailed the reasons behind the trustee assignments in the municipalities of Turkey's eastern and southeastern regions.

According to the Habertürk daily, the report states that 10 provinces, 63 counties and 12 towns were assigned trustees concerning the operations against the PKK terrorist organization, while six counties and one town were assigned trustees as a part of the operation against the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ).

In addition, the report indicated that the PKK spread its terrorist activities to the cities by declaring a self-government in some provinces and counties after the June 2015 elections.

The report also revealed that some PKK terrorists and the relatives of dead terrorists have been employed in these municipalities, demonstrating the fact that the opportunities that were provided by the state to the municipalities were twisted to aid terrorist activities.

Official municipality vehicles were given to the PKK, enabling their use in armed activities, the report indicated.

"The PKK terrorists in the mountains were assigned to the municipalities as permanent staff. The co-chairmen, who share the same rights as the mayor and also have a room in the municipality, had a voice over public works, tender bids and licenses," the report stated, while highlighting that the municipalities without close ties to the PKK were not allowed to work properly.

In addition, it has been pointed out that social assistance was provided to the relatives of dead terrorists.

"Under the guise of low-income aid, social assistance was being provided to families that supplied members of the PKK's mountain team. They invented fellow municipalities in Syria and Iraq, and made visits to Kandil. There were foreign visits to the municipalities in the countries where the PKK holds its meetings," the report further indicated.

The report, which has been written in both English and Turkish, was sent to several institutions and foundations.

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