Sole FETÖ-linked school in Rwanda shut down

Published 06.06.2017 00:44

The only Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ)-linked school in Rwanda has shut down, Rwandan Minister of Education Papias Musafiri Malimba confirmed on Friday.

According to Anadolu Agency, Malimba gave the instructions to shut down the school in a written statement. He said that they also decided to take necessary precautions against the school's activities since they take Turkey's desires and the benefits of Rwanda into consideration.

Hope Academy was founded in 2012, to provide education to children from high-income families.

Last month, Rwandan ministers said that they were ready to provide all types of assistance to Turkey in its fight against FETÖ. "We will not allow any activities to be carried out against the Turkish state in this country," Foreign Minister Louise Mushikiwabo told Anadolu Agency, adding that Rwanda has a clear stance regarding FETÖ and will not allow the group to do business.

The foreign minister also said that Rwanda will not let FETÖ supporters, who disregard laws in Turkey, to take shelter in the country. "Rwanda is not a safe haven for people who inflict damage on Turkey, a country we consider a friend," Mushikiwabo said.

Rwandan Minister of Commerce and Industry François Kanimba also said that the country is ready to "fully cooperate" with Turkey concerning business activities of FETÖ supporters.

"We want to continue to cooperate with Turkey because our relations with Turkey are strategic and significant," the minister said.FETÖ faces heightened scrutiny after being accused of attempting to topple the democratically elected Turkish government in the July 15 coup attempt in which 246 people were killed and 2,200 injured.

Rwanda is one of several countries to have taken action following the July 15 coup attempt regarding confiscating FETÖ schools and transferring ownership to the Turkish Maarif Foundation.

Meanwhile, the West African nation Sierra Leone's foreign ministry has agreed to turn over the four FETÖ schools in the country to the Turkey Maarif Foundation (TMV), a body founded to support education and academic activity abroad.

Sierra Leone is the latest in a string of African countries to agree to Turkey's demands over FETÖ schools.

Previously the Republic of Congo, Somalia, Guineau, Niger and Sudan turned over FETÖ schools to the TMV, while Burundi, Senegal, Mauritania, Chad, Gabon, Burkina Faso, the Central African Republic, and Madagascar have signed agreements to turn over FETÖ-run schools.

Additionally, Djibouti and Sao Tome have signed agreements for the opening of Maarif schools in the upcoming period.

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