Terrorist’s testimony reveals PKK in hard straits

Published 08.06.2017 14:15

The statement of a captured PKK terrorist organization member has revealed that the terrorist group is struggling to survive, as Turkish security forces continue carrying out operations in the east and southeastern regions of the country.

The operation began on May 28 in six districts of the southeastern city of Diyarbakır, with 10,047 security personnel covering an area of 1,538 square kilometers.

One PKK terrorist captured yesterday reflected the security forces' success in spite of the tough terrain in the region. He also revealed the deceitful tactics that the terrorists use to bring in recruits.

Claiming that the PKK had promised to give him an official position in Syria, the captured terrorist said, "They tricked my by saying, 'We'll make you an official there. You'll work in a school or as a postman.' I wanted to surrender a lot of the time, but they said, 'If you surrender the soldiers will beat you and torture you in a way that you can't imagine. They'll hold you in a single cell for months.' That stopped me from taking refuge with the state."

In spite of these tactics, the captured individual also stated that Turkish security operations had cut PKK recruitment. "One year ago there was a bit of recruitment. Now there's none at all. It's been one year with no recruits. I've never seen any. They can't fool the youth anymore, because they've grown wise."

The lack of recruitment also reflected public contempt for the PKK, the captured terrorist said, "The people in the area have lost a lot of trust in the organization, they don't trust them. Wherever we went they always complained. Most of the places we went, someone spotted us in under 10 minutes and they gave a tip-off."

The terrorist added that the PKK's cannabis growing was a large source of income for the organization, and this had endeavor also become impossible due to lack of public support.

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