Report proves Germany's frivolity on PKK

Published 06.07.2017 00:24

The Head of the TBMM Human Rights Investigation Commission, Mustafa Yeneroğlu, said that the 2016 intelligence report revealed once more that the fight of the federal government against the PKK is only symbolic and all the prohibitions are only on paper.

In a written statement, Yeneroğlu said that the report proves that the PKK is able to finance itself while also recruiting followers and conducting protests in Germany, without facing any restrictions.

He further added that the report not only revealed the activities of the PKK in detail, but also showed the frivolous attitude of the federal government even in the language it uses.

"The PKK terrorist organization is listed not under the section of ‘terrorist organizations,' but under the section of ‘extremist activities that belong to foreigners and pose a threat to security,' which is an attempt to show the organization as less harmful," Yeneroğlu said.

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