Military to utilize artificial intelligence for counterterrorism

Published 02.10.2017 00:00

With a Turkish defense industry company set to introduce an artificial intelligence defense system to better tackle terrorism and prevent deadly attacks, Turkey will make the best use of the latest technology in their counterterrorism efforts.

Turkish air defense and software company HAVELSAN will introduce a state-of-the-art defense system that will incorporate the use of artificial intelligence to recognize faces and license plates to gather data and personal information to prevent terrorist attacks.

All photos and personal information of a suspected terrorist will be scanned and searched for, and security authorities will make sure if an arrest warrant was previously issued for the suspect.

The system will be able to analyze the symmetry of the suspect's face, the retina and the ratio of the eyes, nose and eyebrows, and it will also be able to prepare an analysis on how the suspect walks. The system will automatically alarm security authorities if need be. All these processes will be completed without human activity.

The ASTARUS system will self-learn and self-develop. ASELSAN authorities stressed that a very similar system in Japan has recorded an 80 percent success rate.

ASELSAN Director General Ahmet Hamdi Atalay said that the company is working around the clock to diminish the 20 percent failure rate. The director general said that a data analysis agreement would be completed in the near future so that the system can utilize data and intelligence to determine suspects.

The company will also implement artificial intelligence to tackle cybersecurity threats and develop a defense system for cyber issues. Atalay said that the main theme of a conference in Turkey on Oct. 20 would be ensuring cybersecurity by using artificial intelligence technologies.

He underlined that indigenous cybersecurity is crucial to protect the databases of infrastructure facilities, especially nuclear energy establishments.

Touching on Turkish military operations in rural areas, the director general said that the company is exerting efforts to detect explosives and other deadly equipment under ground.

Stressing that the company has already achieved success in detecting explosives 10 centimeters below ground, he said that HAVELSAN attempts to do so from 25 meters up in the air. The HAVELSAN authority said that it allows them to catch terrorists in caves and find explosives set up under ground.

Atalay added that the company plans to install the same system on armed and unarmed drones to more effectively fight terrorism.

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