PKK calls for protests on uniforms for terrorist suspects, convicts


The recent statutory decree published in the Official Gazette has seen a reaction from the PKK terrorist group. It consists of members of the group wearing a type of uniform in their trials and court appearances. The terrorist group said, "If a united opposition is posed, the decision would be easily repelled." The comments were made by senior PKK figure Mustafa Karasu.

The uniform was also criticized by the Republican People's Party (CHP). CHP deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu said, "The single type uniform degrades human dignity and is torture."

The requirement of the uniform came after a suspected member of the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ), which orchestrated last year's failed coup attempt, wore a t-shirt with the lettering "Hero" to the court. The incident drew sharp criticism from the public, with calls for a uniform for suspects and convicts.

The new regulation covers 58,500 people accused of being members or heads of terrorists organizations, including FETÖ, the PKK and Daesh.

According to the decree, defendants "attempting to abolish the order prescribed by the Turkish Constitution by using force and violence or to replace this order with another one or to prevent implementation of the order" and "attempting to undermine the Turkish Government by using force and violence, or to prevent it from performing its duty, partially or completely" will be required to wear a brown jumpsuit during their court appearances.

On the other hand, those who attempt to undermine Parliament or to prevent it from performing its duty partially or completely, armed rebellion against the Turkish government, assassination of and/or assault on the president, crimes against the security of the state, and crimes against the constitutional order, will wear a gray jumpsuit.

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