Terrorist YPG declares curfew in Raqqa after protests

Published 09.09.2018 20:52

The PKK's Syrian affiliate, the People's Protection Units (YPG), declared a curfew in northwestern Syria's Raqqa Friday, seemingly to suppress opposing voices and consolidate its power.

The terrorist organization has occupied the city since taking it from Daesh in 2017.

The YPG claimed that it declared the curfew to fight "terrorism," by putting an end to recent protests by the locals.

According to Anadolu Agency (AA), the curfew has prevented civilians from entering and exiting Raqqa's city center, while also banning movement from one side of the Euphrates, which divides the province into two, to the other.

The YPG has not allowed civilians to go to mosques for three days now. Residents are allowed to go to the city center at certain times of the day for no longer than two hours.

It is not clear how long the curfew will last.

Meanwhile, the terrorist organization has abducted at least 150 civilians in the past three days, while killing two others during raids in some town and villages in the region.

Local sources have said that among the abducted Arab civilians, were the ones who were declared as candidates by Bashar Assad for the local elections that will be held on Sept. 16.

Previously, the YPG abducted 17 Syrians with Arab origin who were also the local election candidates from northern Syria's Qamishli.

The YPG is also known for forcibly recruiting civilians and not returning the houses it seized during clashes with Daesh back to their owners.

The terrorist group does not provide any services to the locals either. The small number of civilians, who returned to their homes since they did not have any other choice, tries to survive in the province in very difficult living conditions.

Syrian Christians in Raqqa have protested the PKK-affiliated groups in recent weeks against after they closed a number of schools belonging to the community.

A protest rally was organized late August against the local security forces of the YPG in Hasakah province of northern Syria.

Dozens of Christians gathered in the center of Qamishli to protest the closure of two Christian schools in mid-August.

The protesters shouted slogans and demanded their schools be reopened. They were confronted by the YPG terrorists, who opened fire in the air to disperse the crowd.

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