Healthcare worker kidnapped by PKK reveals horror in terror group’s camps in Syria

Published 13.02.2019 00:29

A female healthcare worker who was kidnapped by the PKK terrorist group in June 2013 and was taken to several places including Syria where she received medical education from foreigners revealed the horrible conditions women face in the terror group's camps after surrendering to Turkish security forces.

The woman, whose name was withheld due to security concerns said in her testimony that she lived with a constant fear of being raped during her time in the terrorist organization, like all other women, Anadolu Agency reported.

She said that once she was asked for examining a terror group's member in Syria's Ras al-Ayn to understand whether she was pregnant or not and "when they found out that she was pregnant, they killed the woman. I don't know where they sent them, but I heard that they killed the man too," she said.

The woman confessed that the PKK deceives and kidnaps people under the pretext of liberating woman but they abuse them and most of the women fear to escape the PKK than to surrender to the Turkish security forces even though the terrorist group constantly makes propaganda against the Turkish state.

The healthcare worker noted that she attempted to escape several times and was left with no courage as she failed, but she succeeded with the help of Turkey and was reunited with her family thanks to Turkey.

The woman was reportedly sent to Syria where she took medical training from French and U.S. doctors for six months and was later transferred to the hospitals in the region for practice, she said in the testimony.

Saying that they evacuated a hospital in Jinderes upon the orders of U.S. soldiers and being transferred into a hospital in the city center, the woman said that "they wanted us to treat wounded terrorists there. They[PKK] then asked me to use a gun against Turkish soldiers. They took me for a while to punish me for not doing so and then sent me to Shahba [a district in Syria's Aleppo]."

She also confessed that the terrorist organization forcefully recruited underage children and sent them to fight against Turkish soldiers during the Operation Olive Branch.

Operation Olive Branch was conducted by Turkish Armed Forces-backed Syrian opposition group Free Syrian Army (FSA) starting on Jan. 20, 2018 to remove the PKK's Syrian affiliate People's Protection Unit (YPG) elements from Afrin in northwestern Syria following the first operation conducted in northern Syria in 2016, the Operation Euphrates Shield that targeted Daesh terrorists in Syria's Al-Bab and Jarablus.

Saying that the PKK members try to scare people by saying Turkish soldiers do such things to you in order to prevent them leaving the organization, the confessor added that however, "they fear more from the PKK than such statements."

"When I came here with the helping hand of my family and Turkey I saw that what they were saying was not true. […] Those who want to come should not be worry. Turkish soldiers do nothing. They help. They show what reality is, they provide [people to] reunite with families," she said.

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