Terrorists who killed Turkish diplomat in Irbil expected to face death penalty

Published 24.07.2019 00:12

Two of the three terrorists responsible for the killing of Turkish diplomat Osman Köse in Irbil are expected to be brought to trial facing the death penalty by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), media outlets reported yesterday.

Citing local security sources, İhlas News Agency (İHA) reported that the three terrorists, two of which are in custody and one still wanted by police, will likely to be judged in a court in Irbil with the death penalty on the table, as it is permissible in the KRG's constitution. Security sources also reported that the trial will begin once the missing terrorist is captured.

The two of three terrorists, including Mazlum Dağ and Muhammed Biykez, have been captured alive and detained in northern Iraq, a statement from the Irbil Security Directorate said Saturday.

The arrests by the KRG's internal security service Asayish reportedly took place on the road between Irbil and Makhmour, which hosts a refugee camp where the PKK has a significant presence.

"The Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Saturday the arrest of the man who planned the assassination of a Turkish diplomat in a restaurant in Irbil, less than a week after the attack," the Asayish said in a statement.

According to Turkish security sources, Dağ, a 27-year-old terrorist, is one of the perpetrators of Wednesday's attack in which Köse, who was temporarily stationed in Turkey's Consulate in Irbil, was killed by gunshots while eating at a restaurant. Two Iraqi citizens were also killed in the attack that took place in one of the safest areas in the seat of the KRG.

Dağ was identified as one of 13 siblings of pro-PKK Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Diyarbakır Deputy Dersim Dağ, who has two other brothers linked to the terrorist group.

He joined the terrorist group in February 2015 after crossing the Turkish-Iraqi border from the Habur crossing in southeastern Turkey's Şırnak province, reports said.

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