Abducted girls escape from PKK, reveal group's torture, sexual abuses

Published 05.09.2019 00:44

Two girls who were abducted by the PKK terrorist group one-and-a-half months ago have said they escaped at the first opportunity and took refuge with the gendarmerie in southeastern Şırnak province.

Abducted by the PKK while they were looking after their livestock, the two girls, known as "Çiçek [Flower]" and "Toprak [Soil]," told the gendarmerie the details of how they escaped from the terrorist group.

Çiçek and Toprak said that the PKK members abducted them while they were with their families.

After the PKK members brought them to a highland plain, they did not get any food and nothing was told to them. Then, two girls were brought to a cave in the mountain. In the cave, Çiçek and Toprak were told that "they will be terrorists and fight for Kurdistan." Both girls stated that they did not accept what the terrorists said and PKK members left them without food and water. Both girls were tortured and sexually abused.

Saying that they decided to escape five days ago after they were tortured once again, Çiçek said, "We do not remember how many days we were subjected to torture and sexual abuse. I told Toprak that we must escape or they are going to kill us."

"One day when there was no guard in the entrance of the cave, we went out and walked quietly hiding behind rocks," she added.

"We walked for two days without eating anything. When we felt that got lost, we saw that we arrived in our lands. Then, we took refuge with the gendarmerie. While we were escaping, there were terrorist clothes on us. The gendarmerie saw us and did not shoot, because we were not carrying guns. Then, they provided to our need for food and water," she said.

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