Turkish soldiers help surrendered PKK terrorist speak to her family, treat wounds

Published 16.09.2019 00:06
Updated 16.09.2019 12:09

Turkish soldiers extended lenity to a surrendered terrorist who suffered from an injury Sunday during a conflict between the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and PKK terrorists in rural areas of southeastern Hakkari province.

As the soldiers searched the area after conflict during a recent operation, they discovered a female terrorist between the bushes. After taking the necessary precautions against a possible attack, the injured terrorist surrendered. Even though they had been enemies just minutes before, the soldiers helped her and treated her wounds.

Explaining that the terrorist organization had tricked her into joining them at the age of 12, she said: "I took part in conflicts in Ayn al-Arab on the side of the [PKK's Syrian affiliate People's Protection Units] YPG, from there I went to the PKK camps in Gara. I regret joining them."

Officials allowed the terrorist to speak with her family on the phone, and her father burst into tears. The commander that took the phone in the end of the conversation and ensured the parents, "Your daughter is safe. Do not worry," upon which the family thanked him.

While the TSK carries out counterterrorism operations both within Turkey and across the border, a large number of terrorists continue to surrender voluntarily during the clashes. Recently, those who have surrendered have often said that many members would like to leave the terrorist organization but face threats.

"Run [from the PKK] as soon as you have the chance to do so. We were told that Turkish soldiers treat those who surrendered badly; however, I saw that this is not true," the terrorist said, calling to those considering fleeing.

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