Volunteers turn tent into makeshift school in NW Syria

IDLIB, Syria
Published 10.01.2020 17:52
A 12-square-meter tent turned into a school by volunteers, Idlib, Jan.10, 2020. AA PHOTO
A 12-square-meter tent turned into a school by volunteers, Idlib, Jan.10, 2020. (AA PHOTO)

Volunteer teachers who want to ensure children in northwestern Syria's Idlib benefit from education have turned a 12-square-meter tent into a school in the de-escalation zone.

Over 20,000 more civilians have fled Idlib city in northwestern Syria, taking shelter near the Turkish border in recent days, according to the head of Syria's Response Coordination Group.

Bombing by Russian-backed forces of the Bashar Assad regime in Syria has displaced more than 379,000 Syrians since November 2019.

Due to intensified attacks from regime forces, children could not complete their education in Syria.

Despite many problems in the camps, voluntary teachers in the region are trying to respond to the call of children who want to study.

In a makeshift school lacking educational materials, children started receiving lessons in a mud-drenched tent classroom this week. Students were happy to see their new makeshift school at a camp in the northwestern Idlib.

Ahmed Hammud, who pioneered the tent school project, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they have 15 regular students and expect more children to attend the classes.

"We're trying to educate children here. We teach various games in the Arabic language. We teach the holy Quran," Hammud added.

Hammud stressed that they do their best to meet the needs of the school and as soon as they get a chance, they are planning to expand it.

Mohammed, 9, told AA he was very happy to go to school again.

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