Belgian politician offers support to terrorism

Published 06.10.2012 15:47
Updated 06.10.2012 15:51

Belgian Vice-Minister-President of the Walloon government Jean-Claude Marcourt has created a startling scandal. In an attempt to acquire votes, Marcourt recently campaigned for the upcoming election with PKK and KCK flags and a poster of the terrorist leader Öcalan hung up in the background.

Belgium's Walloon government Vice-President Minister Jean-Claude Marcourt has shockingly made an address recently while posing in front of posters of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan and flags belonging to the PKK and KCK terrorist organizations.

SABAH's Special Intelligence Department has acquired the photograph that could potentially stress diplomatic ties with Belgium. Marcourt, a high-level representative of the Belgium government, is seen sitting at a table with a poster of Öcalan and PKK flags hung up on the wall behind him in a photograph taken at the Liege Kurdish Cultural Association.


According to the information obtained Marcourt, who also serves as Minister of Economy SME's, Foreign Trade, New Technologies and Higher Education, met with members from the PKK terrorist organization's European wing as part of campaign efforts in the Liege and Verviers districts for the October 14th,2012 election to be held in Belgium.

Marcourt paid a visit to the Liege Kurdish Cultural Association to participate in a talk with Director Kadri Kızar and other Socialist Party candidates for association members and happened to be seated at a table in front of a wall that had a poster of the imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan and flags representing the terrorist organization. During his talk, Marcourt expressed concern regarding the upcoming election and requested the Socialist Party vote in the local elections.

Liberal Party (MR) voters and Turkish nationals in Liege are upset with Jean-Claude Marcourt holding an address in front of such blatant PKK imagery.

Christine Defraigne, the Liberal Party's candidate for Liege Municipal Mayor and Turkish national Esra Atılgan, who is running to be a Liberal Party's Liege deputy have both condemned Socialist Party member Jean-Claude Marcourt's relationship with the PKK and KCK and requested that during this campaign Turkish citizens keep their distance from the Socialist Party candidates. Turkish citizens living in Liege also staged a protest in response to Marcourt's decision to visit an association affiliated with the PKK terrorist organization.

This is a translation of an article originally written by Abdurrahman Şimşek.

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