Curb sugar cravings with healthier alternatives

Published 10.09.2017 23:32
Updated 10.09.2017 23:34
With the increasing availability of sugar, obesity and weight-related diseases began to increase.
With the increasing availability of sugar, obesity and weight-related diseases began to increase.

Once adorning the tables of the rich and considered a sign of wealth, sugar became something affordable over the centuries. However, this addictive sweetener turned into a trouble maker after it was identified as the cause of health issues. Here are some healthier alternatives to this addcition

Having been discovered ages ago, sugar was once something to chew on while waiting for the rain brought by monsoons to stop, an ancient tradition among the first people who tasted the sugarcane. Over the years, global wars and mass migration saw the spread of sugar, which began being added to coffee and tea. Its irresistible sweet taste gave rise to the popularity of the sugarcane in a very short span of time. The sugarcane largely had to be imported to a vast part of the world, making it a delicacy that was long reserved for the tables of the rich alone and hence, sugar was long considered a sign of wealth when offered with tea or coffee. In mankind's search for cheaper methods to producing this addictive, natural sweetener, extensive efforts were made that took years, ultimately making sugar something affordable. Producers that wanted to increase sales began to add sugar to nearly all of their products.

With the increasing availability of sugar, obesity and weight-related diseases began to increase, compelling scientists to conduct research on the cause of this phenomenon. This research led scientists to understand that sugar is not as innocent as they previously thought. However, as millions of people around the world had already become addicted to sugar, these findings were too late for the majority of us. In short, we must understand that consuming sugar is a bad habit and we must overcome our sugar addiction.

Women are especially vulnerable to sugar addiction, craving sweets whenever they feel depressed or eating desserts to calm themselves down in stressful situations. Is it possible that there is a scientific explanation for this?

According to scientists, when we consume sugar, the brain secretes the hormone dopamine - the hormone that makes us feel pleasure. As a consequence, our sugar craving increases. Astoundingly, research also revealed that sugar activates the same receptors in the human brain as heroin and morphine.

Another harmful effect of consuming sugar is weight gain. Studies have shown that sugar consumption is directly related to some of the most deadly diseases because it increases the risk of renal damage, cardiac disease and even cancer.

So what can you do in order to recover from sugar addiction?

Chromium polynicotinate as a glucose regulator

Chromium polynicotinate is a niacin-bound chrome (Vitamin B3) that helps our bodies generate energy, playing an important role in insulin production in the body, which regulates the glucose levels in our blood. Chromium polynicotinate prevents spikes in our blood sugar levels and consuming 200 milligrams (mgs) of B3 Vitamins before one meal every day could help you to curb and prevent sweet cravings caused by sudden spikes in blood sugar.

Consume fruıt ın case of a sugar cravıng

Fruits are a source of natural sugar, known as fructose. When trying to avoid eating refined sugars, it is possible to trick your taste buds by consuming dried or fresh fruit. When you have a sugar craving, try to eat fruit instead of cake or other sugary desserts. On the other hand, marmalade or fruit juices can also be prepared without sugar and may help to curb sweet cravings.

Eat less of it if you cannot resist sugar entirely

When we talk about fructose, the natural sugar in fruits, it is important to remember that fruit juice does not have these same benefits. If you prefer fruit juice, cut up at least three or four pieces of fruit to make one glass of natural fruit juice, or, if you prefer to eat the fruit itself, do not eat more than two pieces of fruit, which can give you the same satisfaction with less fructose. In recent years, research pointing to the harmful effects of drinking unnatural fruit juices on human health has begun to emerge in various scientific publications. So, if you cannot stop drinking these juices, dilute the juice by mixing one-half glass of juice with one-half glass of mineral water. As you decrease your intake of sugary beverages, you will notice that your cravings will also subside.

Peanut butter and chocolate combination

The tasty blend of peanut butter and chocolate can be the perfect solution for curbing even the strongest sweet craving. Melt a bar of bitter chocolate and pour it into a jar of peanut butter. Keep it in the refrigerator until it becomes cold and the flavors have time to mix. Then, when you have a sweet craving, eat one spoonful, as a single spoonful contains 4.5 grams of sugar. Compared to chocolate cake that contains 30 grams of sugar, this alternative is a firm step forward in finding healthy solutions to curb your sugar addiction.

Healthy substitutes for sugar in recipes

Everyone knows that there are some recipes we enjoy so much that we will do anything not to skip certain ingredients. In these cases, try to substitute sugary ingredients with healthier alternatives. For example, using date syrup (sold in packages and a natural sweetener) as a substitution for sugar has countless benefits for the health, whereas honey can also be used as a healthy alternative to sugar in your recipes.

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