How hot weather can disturb your sleeping pattern

Published 22.07.2018 21:23
Updated 22.07.2018 21:24
Excessive caffeine consumption is one of the main causes of sleep disorders; hence, it is crucial not to drink too much coffee during the day.
Excessive caffeine consumption is one of the main causes of sleep disorders; hence, it is crucial not to drink too much coffee during the day.

The fact that temperatures are above normal this season may have a negative impact on your life, including eating habits, sleeping patterns and social activities

When combined with weather conditions and humidity, sound sleep can become difficult for both children and adults. Body heat is a closely related factor to the environment. When we sleep, our body temperature falls, and in the morning, it starts to rise again. However, a high humidity rate in the air causes the balance of body temperature to deteriorate, which results in perspiration accompanied by lack of sleep for most of the night. Studies indicate that people who are exposed to hot climates continuously within a year can sleep as much as they want. However, in other countries, such as Turkey, which experiences different seasons through the year, it may become difficult to adjust body temperature to the variable temperature. However, sound sleep is possible if you follow these steps:

No tea or coffee

Excessive caffeine consumption is one of the main causes of sleep disorders. According to a study published in the Science Translation Medicine, coffee consumed three hours before going to bed slows the production of the sleep hormone melatonin by about 40 minutes and makes sleeping difficult. Experiments on a group of subjects showed that caffeine given at certain times during the evening slowed down the body clock. Scientists recommend not to consume coffee, especially after 5 p.m. It was stated that these findings could help to those with sleep disorders and those who had issues waking up early, making them compatible with the rest of the world. If you are experiencing sleep problems due to temperature or other reasons during this season, you should make sure not to consume coffee before bed.

Tea can also cause you to lose sleep like coffee. Even if it does not contain caffeine, studies show that a few cups of strong tea before sleep can cause insomnia. If you absolutely drink tea after dinner, try to have a lighter cup of tea.

Ventilate the house

Sleep hygiene is a must for quality sleep. Closed environments are the most convenient places for infectious diseases to spread. It is possible to be sick in hot weather. Studies show that crowded environments that are not ventilated properly play the most important role in spreading disease. The fact that the place where you sleep does not contain enough oxygen can cause sleep disorders. So, make sure you ventilate your room at least an hour before sleeping.

AC makes you sick

Overwhelmingly hot weather has made air-conditioners a part of our everyday life. Such that we need air conditioning at home, at work, in the car, and even outdoors. Air-conditioners can have the function of bringing the desired temperature and humidity levels to indoor environments. However, it should not be forgotten that air-conditioners directly affect the air we breathe and can cause Legionnaires' disease, which is normally known as the air-conditioner disease. If you do not give much attention to Legionnaires' disease, it can result in death. When the air-conditioner is used especially during sleep, it can bring many problems such as waking up with a headache in the morning, to joint pain, allergic diseases and even pneumonia.


Exercise before sleep reduces your body's energy level, helping you sleep easier. When exercising, body temperature increases, and post-exercise fatigue is felt. Water consumption should not be neglected as the body loses fluid during this time. Be sure to end the exercise at least two hours before sleep. Studies suggest that drinking a glass of water before sleeping can help reduce the risk of having a heart attack in your sleep, as well as helping you with in getting sound sleep. However, the most important point to note in water consumption is not to consume cold water. Drinking cold water does not only slows down digestion, it also slows metabolism by narrowing the blood vessels, which in turn, reduces the hydration ability required to cool your body. Water should be consumed at room temperature instead of cold water.

Cherry, milk contain melatonin

If a glass of chamomile tea cannot help you sleep peacefully, try eating a bowl of cherries. The melatonin hormone in cherries contributes to the formation of the sleeping pattern. It is beneficial to consume cherries at your bed time to get the full benefit. Studies show that two tablespoons of cherry juice are as effective as melatonin pills. You can also consume sour cherries before sleeping since they contain melatonin like normal cherries. A bowl of yogurt or a glass of milk also provides quality sleep by increasing melatonin levels with the amino acid tryptophan.

Wear cotton clothes

Try to wear clothes made of cotton before sleeping and wear as thin and light clothing as possible. Sleeping naked does not allow the humidity in your body to evaporate, in fact this may causes your body temperature to increase. Wearing fine cotton clothes while sleeping will trap your sweat and make you feel comfortable. Make sure that your clothes do not contain nylon or synthetic fabric.

Your sheets and pillowcase should not be nylon or synthetic either. You can also opt for air-permeable materials. Because nylon sheets will make you sweat even more, try to use cotton sheets.

Take a warm shower

A warm shower helps you sleep comfortably. It should be noted here that the water should not be too cold. The temperature of your body can rise in an attempt to resist the cold water. Instead, a moderate warm shower should be taken. You can also soak your hands and feet in warm water. Your hands and feet are the areas of your body that tend to warm up. Wetting them can regulate body temperature and cool it down.

If you wake up at night because of frequent sweating, wipe your face, hands and feet with a damp cloth. You can keep a damp cloth or towel by your side at night to wet your face and your arms.

Another way to help you sleep well is to exercise your wrists and arms for 30 seconds under cold water before sleeping. These areas are the parts where blood flows closest to the surface of your body. When you exercise them under cold water for a minute, your blood is cooled, which helps your body to cool down.

Try ice bags

Put ice on your neck or forehead. Keep an ice bag around your neck, under your tummy or under your armpits. Cooling the back of your neck, your forehead and your arms helps you cool the rest of your body. You can make your own cold pack at home. All you have to do is pour a few tablespoons of soap into the ice bag and wait for them to freeze. Soap allows the ice to last longer. Keep your ice pack ready to use and place it in your pillowcase. This helps you stay cool overnight.

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