Russian teen falls to death in Ankara rooftop parkour

A 17-year-old Russian boy fell to his death while doing parkour, a popular pastime among the youth, in capital Ankara on Thursday.

The boy, identified by his initials A.F., was on the roof of a seven-story building in the city's Yenimahalle district with his two friends. One of them managed to jump to the roof of another building.

As his friends started recording a video of A.F., he tried to jump to the roof of a nearby building but failed to reach. He hit his head on the window ledge of an apartment on the third floor and was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

The two friends of the boy are being questioned by police.

Ayhan Atmaca, a resident of the building, said three teenagers climbed to the roof using the fire escape ladder. "I was home when I heard a loud thud. He was fighting for his life when I last saw him," Atmaca told reporters.

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