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  • Lack of logic in Turkish media Lack of logic in Turkish media The fallacies of so-called experts in Turkish media continue to serve the goals of terrorist organizations by sowing confusion and causing cracks in society through misinformation and empty speculation more
  • Reader's Corner Let us continue from last week where we delved into the sensational result of the United States presidential election, which paved the way for Donald Trump to become president of the United States.... Winning the polls, losing the election As the pollsters along with experts and journalists failed to predict the election results in America, a pattern has emerge where the self-assuredness of the media continues to alienate the public while failing to influence them More
  • Reader's Corner For many, this week has been one of surprise, hope or despair, but most importantly, this week was one of revelation and realization. This was the week the world realized the great decline of the... Media no longer fourth estate after Trump's victory With the election of Donald Trump as president, the media's fading power and influence over the public is more visible now than ever as the lack of trust in mainstream media may very well have paved the way for Trump and became Hillary Clinton's biggest disadvantage More
  • Reader's Corner Stories on minors call for a responsible brand of journalism Over the years, as media took a more industrialized and mainstream form, it has evolved much from its sole purpose of providing the news and added some new goals.Today, media... More
  • Reader's Corner The art world and media have always had close-knit relations ever since the professional coexistence of both sectors. We wrote on the subject some weeks ago in the article Do we get the real picture of Hollywood on Trump? The entertainment industry has always managed to present a more or less united front when it comes to politics but, let us take a look at how much of that front is formed by common ideals and how much is the result of the peer pressure of the industry's giants with the upcoming United States presidential election campaigns on stage More
  • Reader's Corner October statistics As the month is wrapped up, we look at the past five issues of Reader's Corner, including this one, to determine the demographics of our top 10 most read list on More
  • Reader's Corner This week, let's turn to an ongoing debate in the Turkish media. On Oct. 24, the front page of the Hürriyet daily featured a headline translated as, Who is the real David Keynes? Controversial news article from Hürriyet daily reminded us of the hazards of manipulating news articles via omitting information as the facts poured in following the outcry caused by the attempt of misleading the public More
  • Reader's Corner Pushing the envelope On Oct. 3, we got a brief look at the victories and fallacies of political correctness in the article with the self-explanatory title, "Political Correctness: Good or bad?"... More
  • Reader's Corner When it comes to reading the daily news, it is natural for all of us to have personal preferences and favorites when it comes to a reader's choice of newspaper. Our preferences become more specific... Arts and Media: A two-way road As art journalism continues to be one of the main components in the majority of newspapers, Daily Sabah also reports on both international and national events in the sphere of culture and arts while forming a relationship where the newspaper gets content and artists gain coverage; both aspects benefiting the readers More
  • Reader's Corner In the past month we brought a debate to your attention concerning the possibility of a relatively new phenomena: News addiction.

While planning this article last week as the third part of the... Effects of news addiction As we enter the third part of the debate surrounding the concept of news addiction, another perspective shows us that even the usage of the word addiction is not agreed upon, though negative aspects seem, regardless, to affect the psyche of the society More
  • Reader's Corner Although it is an oft-mentioned name in local and international media, let us give a brief introduction to Hurşit Külter for our readers. He was known for being the Şırnak provincial leader of the... Where is Hurşit Külter? Following months of propaganda and petitions surrounding the disappearance of Hurşit Külter, local and international media that voiced pro-PKK views and framed the state once again started to accept that they were duped with a staged play as the facts start to be revealed one by one More
  • Reader's Corner Political correctness: Good or bad? Although political correctness as a term came into usage in the 1990s, we can safely say that it is largely a concept of the new millennium in the sense of how we use it today... More
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